Apsara Foundation

Apsara Foundation

The Apsara Foundation was founded in the year 2006 on the premise of contributing back into community we work in. In a world of unchecked and reactionary growth, we saw a need to support and further develop the communities and the people we work with.

In January of 2007, we made a commitment to set aside 1USD for every guest we had served and donate it to the Apsara Foundation. Together with donations received from guests from far and wide, the Apsara Foundation has raised over 500,000USD and has contributed towards several projects including the “Room to Learn” Project in which 5 schools were built or refurbished, providing 60 Class Rooms for under privileged children.

The Clean Water Project saw 30 wells and 12 bio sand filter wells being built around the conutry to provide clean water for more than ten communities.

The Free Interest Microfund Project helped and finance the purchase of 10 Ox Carts at the Rohal Village at Srah Srang and we continue to support these villagers by taking guests to enjoy ox-cart rides at their village, thereby providing a healthy source of income for the entire community. Under this project, the Aspara Foundation also helped people to start small businesses including farming for livelihood which at the same accentuate the countryside ambience for tourists to enjoy.

The Basic Shelter Project financed and has so far built 20 shelters for those in desperate need for basic shelter.

Eco Tourism initiative is our latest project that Apsara Foundation is currently engaged with. We actively involve with Tbeng Eco Tourism Community (near Siem Reap) and Kraing Serey Eco Tourism Community (in Kompong Speu) in partnership with another NGO Mlop Baitang. Our aim is to realized the community people’s dream to turn these communities into a truly Community Based Eco Tourism. This will provide another source of income for the host community and at the same time to show case Cambodian rural living which have very little environmental impact.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Cambodia. At Apsara Tours, we cultivate creative ideas to grow as a community. Our Business philosophy is based upon healthy sharing and a far-sighted vision to simultaneously create a responsible development model for our business and the communities in Cambodia.


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