The Cambodian coast has 3 major cities: Sihanoukville-Kep-Kampot .

Sihanoukville is a four hours drive from Phnom Penh , and it is  the Cambodia’s finest beach resort.

It offers an exceptionally well preserved natural environment. This tropical beach, with its pristine clear water and glittering white sand, where splendid rocks formation are captivating all around the beach.

The warm water and tranquil places are the perfect condition for swimming, sunbathing and just relax after a tiring day’s catch are served everywhere. There are also many secluded islands nearby.

The visitors can rent a boat to dive in an unspoiled and attractively underneath the sea.

Kep is about 3 hours drive from Phnom Penh and is a seaside resort which is in full development. This town is known as it has its own Crab market. There is a hinterland, not far, with hills, beautiful scenery, walks to do alone, and couple or family. Not to forget the excursions by boat.

Kampot between Sihanoukville and Kep is not directly on the seafront. You may know the “Pepper of Kampot”, perhaps the best pepper in the world, exported since the beginning of the 20th century, with a PGI “protection of the geographical indication”


However, this is not the only attraction of this resourceful city! Boat trips, excursions, visit the mountain of “Phnom Bokor” …