Culinary Tour

This section focuses on Cambodian gastronomy “Culinary Tour”. Indeed, it is a clever mixture of vegetables, meats and spices that one can always identify once the dish is realized! Not too spicy or oily, some dishes like Amok Trei (fish), Lok-Lak SachKo (beef), Prahok, Sach Crouch (pork) or seafood with Kampot Pepper are dishes that the whole world come to appreciate!

These programs or options will allow you to discover a large part of  Khmer culinary that are different from the other South East Asian countries.

You will participate in “Cooking Class” which we have selected according to the specialties of each city.


Most of this section:

  • Taste but also allow you to replicate these recipes at home.

  • Other attractions in Cambodia.

  • Some of your visits will allow you to taste more exotic dishes: Crickets, Tarentulas, Dragonflies, Snakes …

  • Share moments with local people.

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