Service Learning

This section focuses on the missions that are carried out in an educational setting. Service Learning allows educated youth to come to help the people, learn the customs and customs of the country, but also through our foundation to allow development and mutual help for the most disadvantaged people. Build a house, make a well, help in crafting, educate and learn the environmental gestures that will serve the people: Recycling, for example.

These trips can be offered throughout the country, near Siem Reap, Battambang or in the provinces of Mondolkiri and Ratanakiri.


Most of this section:

  • Bring help and knowledge.

  • Participate in the life of the population.

  • Share, exchange with local people.

  • Discover places that are newly opened to tourism.

  • Sharing moments of life with the local population (rice fields, schools …).

  • Eco-responsible tourism.

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